XMDCLA100 XM Direct Clarion Smart Adapter CLAXMD100

XMDCLA100 XM Direct Clarion Smart Adapter CLAXMD100

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This is one part of a two part system that allows XM Satellite Radio service to be seamlessly installed into satellite radio ready car stereo head units.

The CLAXMD100 XM Direct Clarion Smart Adapter connects between your Clarion car stereo and the XMD1000 XM Direct Universal Tuner (sold separately). This combination allows you to receive digital XM Satellite Radio directly through a Clarion satellite radio ready car stereo head unit. To complete the installation of an XM Direct system, the XMD1000 XM Direct Universal Tuner box must be added on to this XM Direct Smart Digital Adapter.


  • Uncluttered appearance
  • Complete plug and play professional installation
  • Quick and easy install

Note: Due to the nature of this item; no returns will be accepted for any reason.

Compatible With:

  • DXZ-275MP
  • DXZ-365MP
  • DXZ-375MP
  • DXZ-475MP
  • DXZ-555MP
  • DXZ-655MP
  • DXZ-665MP
  • DXZ-755MP
  • DXZ-955MP
  • DXZ-575USB
  • DXZ-775USB
  • VRX765VD
  • CMD5
  • M475


  • Frequency:2320 to 2332.5 MHz
  • Bandwidth:12.5 MHz
  • Working voltage range: 7.5V min to 16V max
  • Active current consumption: 70mA min to 100mA max
  • Idle current consumption:5mA
  • XM Approved: Certified
  • 3" W x 1.12" H x 2" D

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