Mounts & Brackets

  • SiriusXM™ Radio

    XM Radio Universal Suction Cup Windshield Mount

    This is the XM Radio universal suction cup mount. This is the same mount that comes in the XM onyX XM Radio Receiver and Car Kit . This mount can be used with any XM Radio receiver car cradle that has the T-notch on the back of the cradle. Compatible XM...

  • SiriusXM™ Radio

    Replacement Standard Swivel Mount

    Replacement Swivel Mount for XM Satellite Receivers. Includes prep pad and adhesive pad. Please note that this is the swivel mount ONLY, and not the complete Car Kit. Be sure to thoroughly clean and dry the mounting surface prior to adhering this mount...

  • SiriusXM dash mount kit for SiriusXM receivers

    SiriusXM™ Radio

    SiriusXM Universal Dash Mount

    This is the SiriusXM universal dash mount, compatible with any Sirius or XM cradle that uses either the four-hole AMPS mounting pattern, or the t-notch mounting option.  This product is a Satellite Radio Superstore exclusive. NOT COMPATIBLE...

  • SiriusXM™ Radio

    4-Inch Dual Swivel Screw Mount

    The 4-Inch Dual Swivel Screw Mount provides users with the ultimate in mount adjustability. The mounts dual swivel ball joints allow you to place your radio at any angle or position required. Your radio is held in place by tightening the single knob...

  • S a l e
    motorcycle mount for Sirius docks

    Sirius AMPS Pattern Mount for Motorcycle

    This in-demand product is a safe way to mount your Sirius satellite radio on your motorcycle, and is compatible with any Sirius docking station that has the 4 AMPS screw pattern on the back, including the SUPV1, UC8, SDPIV1,...

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