Tram 7754 SiriusXM Radio Truck Antenna

Tram 7754 SiriusXM Radio Mirror Mount Truck Antenna

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A heavy-duty truck antenna compatible with all plug and play SiriusXM Satellite Radio receivers. This 10-inch antenna is specifically designed to withstand the bugs, weather, high speeds, and long distance runs so you can enjoy Satellite Radio in any weather condition.

Product Overview

  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Thick and durable manufacturing to provide the most durable antenna on the market
  • Quality Parts
  • Gold-plated connectors with PTFE insulators
  • Strong Mounting
  • 3-Way stainless steel mirror mount & bolts
  • Mirror Mounting Bracket
  • Specifically designed and manufactured for trucks requiring a mirror mount solution
  • Extended Cable Length
  • The included 21 feet of premium RG-58 cable ensures compatibility with every truck design and distance to your receiver
  • Extended Range
  • High performance design with extended range for getting the best signal.
  • Replaceable Cable
  • Should the cable fray or deteriorate over time, you can replace the cable without having to replace the antenna
  • Weather Resistant
  • In order to withstand even the harshest snow, rain, and other extreme weather conditions, this antenna is reinforced internally with a support structure capable of withstanding even the harshest conditions
  • SiriusXM Compatible
  • Regardless of whether you have a SIRIUS or XM Satellite Radio, this antenna will fit using a standard SMB connection

Technical Specs

  • Model #: Tram7754
  • Manufacturer: Tram Browning
  • Dimensions: 10" tall
  • Weight: 4 lbs 6 ounces

Compatible Receivers

  • All Sirius and XM Radio Plug and Play Receivers, Home Tuners, and Receivers with an SMB Connector

Package Includes

  • (1) Tram 7754 Truck Antenna
  • 21ft RG-58 cable with SMB connector

Product Documentation, Installation Guides & Manuals

  • Tram Browning 7754 Product Manual (PDF) - N/A

Warranty Information

  • Audiovox OnyX
  • Audiovox OnyX EZ
  • Audiovox OnyX Plus
  • Audiovox Xpress
  • Audiovox Xpress EZ
  • Audiovox XpressR
  • Audiovox XpressRC
  • Audiovox XpressRCi
  • Audiovox XMP3i
  • Audiovox XR9
  • Jensen XR9
  • Delphi MyFi XM2GO
  • Delphi SKYFi
  • Delphi SKYFi2
  • Delphi SKYFi3
  • Delphi Roady
  • Delphi Roady 2
  • Delphi Roady XT
  • Pioneer AirWare XM2GO
  • Pioneer Inno
  • Pioneer XMP3
  • Samsung Helix
  • Samsung Nexus 25 & 50
  • AGT Sportscaster
  • Audiovox CNP2000UCA
  • Audiovox CPC9000
  • Audiovox SIR-PNP1
  • Audiovox SIR-PNP2
  • Audiovox SIR-PNP3
  • Audiovox SIR-CMB5
  • XM Snap
  • Sony Gen I/II
  • Terk Commander
  • Terk Commander MT
  • Antex XM-100
  • SiriusXM MiRGE
  • SiriusXM Edge
  • SiriusXM Lynx
  • SiriusXM SkyDock
  • SiriusXM SXV100
  • SiriusXM SXV200
  • SiriusXM TTR1
  • SiriusXM TTR2
  • Sirius Stratus 3 SV3
  • Sirius Stratus 4
  • Sirius Stratus 5
  • Sirius Stratus 6
  • Sirius Stratus 7
  • Sirius Sportster
  • Sirius Sportster 2/R
  • Sirius Sportster 3
  • Sirius Sportster 4
  • Sirius Sportster 5
  • Sirius Sportster 6
  • Sirius Starmate
  • Sirius Starmate 2/R
  • Sirius Starmate 3
  • Sirius Starmate 4
  • Sirius Starmate 5
  • Sirius Starmate 6
  • Sirius Starmate 7
  • Sirius Starmate 8
  • Sirius Stiletto 10/100
  • Sirius Stiletto 2
  • Brix Streamer
  • Brix Streamer R
  • Brix Streamer GT
  • Sirius InV/InV2
  • Sirius One
  • Sirius S50
  • Sirius SCC1
  • Sirius SCH1/SCH2P
  • Sirius SRH-2000
  • Sirius Orbiter SR4000
  • Sirius SR04
  • XACT XTR1 Stream Jockey
  • XACT Visor
  • Clarion Calypso
  • Kenwood H2EC
  • Sanyo CRSR-10

Product Reviews

  • 5
    Great Reception

    Posted by Rick on Aug 31st 2016

    Installed on my Mack Haul truck. Works so much better than the small standard antenna, no more low/no signal!

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