Sirius XM Compact Adhesive Swivel Mount

Sirius XM Compact Adhesive Swivel Mount

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Looking for a mount that is unobtrusive and when mounted on your dash wont block your view. This is the one. At 2 inches tall this compact mount will fit into areas that the original equipment bulky mounts can't. The swivel ball has a locking mechanism that will hold your receivers as positioned even over the bumpiest roads. Includes an adhesive pad as well as two holes for permanently attaching the mount to your vehicle.

Be sure to thoroughly clean and dry the mounting surface prior to adhering this mount. A final cleaning with rubbing alcohol is recommended. Dashboards that have been treated with Armor-All or similar products may not allow adhesive to stick well. Press firmly into place for 1 minute, allow to set for 24 hours prior to use. For best results, do not apply in temperatures under 60 degrees F.


  • Sirius Satellite Radio receivers & docks that mount via the AMPS 4 bolt pattern
  • Sirius Satellite Radio receivers that mount with using a plastic hang tab on the rear of the receiver

For use with an XM Satellite Radio dock or receiver, a flush mount adapter is required.

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