Sirius XM FM Direct Adapter/Modulator

Sirius XM FM Direct Adapter/Modulator

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Eliminates outside static and interference sometimes experienced with a wireless FM connection.

Connect your Sirius radio directly to your car radio via the antenna jack. Compatible with all Sirius brand Plug & Play and personal radios. Includes the plugs and wires required for most installations. The direct connection eliminates the need to find an unused FM station and provides better performance. It directly connects the "FM Out" signal from the satellite radio receiver unit's internal FM modulator to your car head unit's FM antenna connection. An internal relay switches between Sirius operation when your receiver is powered "on" and AM/FM operation when your receiver is powered off, so you can still listen to your AM & FM stations.

Easy to install

Installation guide

Cable lengths:

  • FM antenna cables: 2 feet
  • Mini-jack cable: 5 feet


  • All Sirius Radios
  • XM onyX Radio
  • SiriusXM Lynx
  • SiriusXM Edge
  • XM Xpress RCi Radio
  • XM Snap Radio
  • XM Skydock
  • Audiovox XMp3i Radio

*May require additional antenna adapter to connect to the radio in some vehicles


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