Replacement Flush Mount

Replacement Flush Mount

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This flush mount adapter plate will provide you with the standard T-adapter notch that quickly slips in and out of most XM Radios in the car.

This flush mount adapter is easy to install in one of two ways. It can be adhered to any smooth, flat, hard surface using the included double-sided foam adhesive pad, or bolted to a VSM, Loboy, or other standard AMPS hole configuration mount using four nuts and bolts (not included).

Compatible With:

  • Roady SA10035 rear C-Clip
  • Roady 2 SA10085 rear C-Clip
  • Roady XT SA10175 rear C-Clip
  • SKYFi 1 and 2 car kits
  • MyFi/ AirWare/ Tao car cradle
  • Inno GEX-Inno1 car cradle
  • Helix YX-M1 car cradle
  • NeXus25 YP-X5X / NeXus50 YP-X5Z car cradle
  • Audiovox XCS9
  • Audiovox Xpress XMCK-10 car cradle

Package Includes:

  • Flush mount adapter
  • Four screws

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