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Looking to get SiriusXM™ Radio music in your home or business? Then we have you covered with this SiriusXM™ Radio home and business music bundle. This bundle includes everything you need to play SiriusXM™ Radio Music through any existing sound system with speakers and an amplifier. This kit includes the SiriusXM™ OnyX EZR receiver, docking cradle, a commercial grade antenna, 50 feet of RG-6 low loss cable, and audio cables. Simply install the antenna outside the building, run the RG-6 cable to the antenna, use the supplied patch cable to go from the RG-6 cable to the SiriusXM™ OnyX EZR receiver. Then connect the audio cables to your existing sound system, and you will have SiriusXM™ Radio in your business or home.

Package Overview

  • OnyX EZR Receiver Features Clear Blue Display
  • Large crisp picture displays important information such as Artist Name and Station Name
  • 10 Favorite Channel Presets
  • Easily navigate between your 10 favorite SiriusXM™ stations
  • Complete Installation Kit
  • Includes everything needed to connect to an existing sound system (speakers and amplifier)
  • Commercial Grade Antenna
  • Reduce signal loss with this high gain outdoor antenna designed to endure the elements

Technical Specs

  • Model #: XMBM-1
  • Manufacturer: SiriusXM™, SRS
  • Dimensions: 
  • Total Weight: 5 pounds

Compatible Equipment

  • The SiriusXM™ onyX EZR receiver that comes with this package is also compatible with the SiriusXM™ SXSD2 Boombox. So if you don't have a sound system, you can connect the SiriusXM™ onyX EZR into the boombox for high-quality sound.

Package Includes

  • SiriusXM™ OnyX EZR Satellite Radio Receiver
  • Commercial grade outdoor amplified SiriusXM™ Radio antenna
  • Docking Cradle
  • 5 Volt AC Power Adapter
  • Audio Cable (Red and White RCA cables)
  • 50 feet of RG-6 cable
  • 3 foot RG-6 to SMB patch cable (used to convert the RG-6 cable to SMB for connecting the SiriusXM™ Radio receiver)

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