SiriusXM TOUR Bluetooth Receiver with 360L and Pandora with Vehicle Kit

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TOUR (Dock and Play)
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Package Includes:
TOUR Receiver, Vehicle Dock, Power Adapter, Antenna, Dash Mount, AUX Cable

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Next Generation Dock & Play Radio with 360L

The SiriusXM Tour combines innovative functionality with SiriusXM’s unrivaled library of content to deliver the most complete, personal, and advanced entertainment experience ever. Experience entertainment like never before with SiriusXM’s next-generation 360L technology, combining satellite & streaming features together to give you 360 degrees of listening. The new SiriusXM Tour with 360L delivers 300+ live channels of audio entertainment, plus 10,000 hours of On Demand Content, Personalized Stations that are Powered by Pandora plus a lot more.

  • Transform your listening experience with SiriusXM with 360L. Our exclusive 360L technology combines satellite and streaming features, including personalization and access to the most SiriusXM channels.
  • Experience entertainment like never before with SiriusXM’s exclusive 360L technology, combining satellite and streaming features together to transform your listening experience.
  • Like all of SiriusXM's dock and play radios, SiriusXM Tour is usable anywhere – in a vehicle, at home or in an office, and even outdoors – with available accessories. SiriusXM Tour can be connected to the Internet via WiFi connection in the home or mobile WiFi hotspot in the car.
  • The content and features available on SiriusXM Tour will vary based on the SiriusXM subscription purchased. Click Here to Check Out the SiriusXM TOUR Subscription Packages

Tour Radio Features

  • Personalized Entertainment - Discover new content with ease and enjoy a uniquely-customized listening experience.
  • Ease to Use - TOUR ease of set-up, content discovery tools, channel navigation, and voice controls make listening to your favorite content easier than ever.
  • Cross-Device Compatibility - Easily connect to your car, home, or Bluetooth-enabled audio system and enjoy the full-breadth of Sirius XM content across your favorite listening devices.
  • Connect + Enjoy: With dock-and-play functionality, and internet + satellite connectivity, TOUR helps you enjoy your favorite Sirius XM content from virtually anywhere.
  • Future Proof: Stay up-to-date and worry-free with new and exciting features, supported by over-the-air updates, ensuring you enjoy the latest Sirius XM software at all times.
  • Satellite Channels (SAT): Access to all “XM band” audio channels
  • Streaming Channels (IP): Access to streaming audio channels including exclusive ones not offered over satellite
  • On Demand Shows/Episodes (IP): Access to SXM's vast library of unique content including iconic interviews, concerts, Town Halls and in studio performances
  • Pandora Artist Stations (IP): Ability to create an artist channel pivoting from currently playing artist/title of a music channel
  • XTRA Channels (IP): Access to SXM's XTRA music channels that are off-shoots of primary channels
  • Spurs content discovery: Displays short list of channels and On Demand content, curated based on what is “Related” to what’s currently playing
  • Your desired content will find you!: A personalized recommendation of channels and content, curated just “For You” based on your history and preferences
  • Gets smarter the more you listen: Content recommendations get “smarter” and continue to build data with more listening
  • Easy navigation: Linear channel tuner with easy-to-see channel information – just swipe quickly through the entire channel lineup
  • On-board voice tuning & navigation: Just speak into the built-in microphone to tune channels, browse categories, and find games of favorite sports teams
  • Genre category menus with a new Live Sports category: Easily browse and fine the genre of channels and other content you are interested in. Puts all games from all leagues, in pre-game, in-progress or final states, all in one location.
  • Getting to favorite content has never been easier: “Favorite” practically anything you want – channels, sports teams, On Demand shows, Artist Radio channels, XTRA channels, etc.
  • Set alerts for favorite artists, songs, and sports teams
  • Playback Controls let’s you pause and skip select content: Also “Start Over” and listen to select content from the beginning
  • Thumb Up” & “Thumb Down” Pandora content
  • Show/Hide channels if you want to filter your preference: Allows you to only see what you want to see – if you so choose

Some Additional Features of the Tour with 360L

  • SXM’s acclaimed 360L UI/UX and next generation Wideband (Gen8) SAT chipset
  • Compatible with legacy SiriusXM docks & accessories
  • 4.3” full color, high resolution touch screen
  • Tap, tap & hold, up/down/left/right swipe gestures
  • 4.7” width x 2.9” height x 0.7” depth; 5 oz. weight
  • Etched keys for quick access to frequently used functions
  • On-board voice commands for channel tuning
  • Bluetooth audio streaming to in-vehicle audio systems, home AVRs & speakers etc.
  • Internet connection (requires the following): In the vehicle: tethered connection via Wi-Fi to a mobile hotspot with cellular data plan. At home/indoor: Wi-Fi router with internet access
  • Get satellite based content and streaming content in one receiver
  • Seamlessly switching between satellite based and streaming content
  • Get access to more than 300 live SiriusXM channels plus content from SiriusXM's On Demand library, which offers more than 10,000 hours of archived shows, exclusive interviews and audio documentaries.
  • Personalized Stations Powered by Pandora, which employ Pandora's unrivaled listener personalization technology and draw from the SiriusXM Radio music library to allow subscribers to create their own unique channels based on their favorite artists.
  • Portable unit that can be used can be used any where.
  • Channel navigating and tuning via voice commands
  • Personalized "For You" recommendations that are based on listening history and preferences
  • Get SiriusXM's 100+ Xtra Music Channels with content from different genres, eras, moods, occasions, events, and play-by-play sports that makes it easier to find your favorite teams
  • Supports over-the-air software updates
  • Application SW over IP as well as FW over SAT & FW over IP
  • Stay up-to-date with upcoming new & exciting features
  • Cloud-based voice for search and discovery
  • Synchronization with other SXM apps (i.e. Cross Device Resume, Continue Listening Notification etc.)
  • Multiple user/listener profiles
  • IP-based authorization of SAT chip/service
  • New Pandora-based content
  • Stay worry free as needed software updates are rolled out

Compatible Equipment

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SiriuXM Radio Programming
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Receiver Type:
TOUR (Dock and Play)
Power Platform:
Package Includes:
TOUR Receiver, Vehicle Dock, Power Adapter, Antenna, Dash Mount, AUX Cable

The receiver and parts in this bundle come with a 90 day warranty through SiriusXM Radio.

We guarantee the product is free of manufacturing defects for 90 days of use.

It is up to the manufacturer to determine, through our sole discretion, if the product is defective in materials or workmanship. Warranties are non-transferable and terms are subject to change. Feel free to contact us with any questions on our warranty policy.

Warranty Disclaimer:

This warranty is in lieu of any other warranty, expressed or implied. It includes replacement of the failed component. It does not include installation labor, nor does it cover any consequential damages caused by loss of use of the vehicle or failure of the component. Maximum liability under this agreement shall not, in any case, exceed the price of the product claimed to be defective.

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