Sirius XM Radio Motorcycle Strap Mount

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This motorcycle handlebar strap mount from Arkon is a great way to easily and safely mount your SIRIUS XM Radio receiver to your motorcycle or bicycle. The flexible strap of this mount makes it a great fit for any type of handlebar, even square ones.


  • Convenient
    Mounts conveniently and securely to the handlebars on your motorcycle or bicycle.
  • Compatible
    Can be used with any XM Radio receiver that uses the t-notch adapter, or with any SIRIUS Satellite Radio receiver when using the AP012 AMPS to t-notch adapter.

Compatible with:

Works with all SIRIUS Radio dock and play receivers with the four hole AMPS pattern on the cradle or receiver including but not limited to the follow receivers.
  • AudioVox Xpress
  • AudioVox Xpress EZ
  • AudioVox XpressR
  • Audiovox XpressRC
  • AudioVox XpressRCi
  • Audiovox & Jensen XR9
  • Delphi MyFi
  • Delphi SkyFi & SkyFi2
  • Delphi SkyFi3
  • Delphi Roady & Roady2
  • Delphi Roady XT
  • Pioneer AirWare
  • Pioneer Inno
  • Pioneer XMP3 & Audiovox XMP3i
  • Samsung Helix
  • Samsung Nexus 25
  • Samsung Nexus 50
  • XM onyX
  • XM onyX EZ
  • XM onyX Plus
  • SIRIUS Sportster
  • SIRIUS Sportster 3
  • SIRIUS Sportster 4
  • SIRIUS Sportster 5
  • SIRIUS Sportster Replay
  • SIRIUS Starmate 3
  • SIRIUS Starmate 4
  • SIRIUS Starmate 5
  • SIRIUS Stratus 4
  • SIRIUS Stratus 5
  • SIRIUS Stratus 6
  • SIRIUS Stratus SV3

Package Includes:

  • GN034-SBH Handlebar Strap Mount

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