EXT-1 Kit

Pixel EXT-1 Satellite Radio Amplified Antenna Extension Kit

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Extend your XM Satellite Radio Antenna with the new EXT-1 Antenna Extension Kit. This kit is specifically designed to extend any home or commercial antenna using RG-6 satellite grade cable. For every 125 feet of cable an in-line amp must be used. For cable runs more that 500 feet we recommend contacting our offices at 800-513-8554 and ask to speak with a commercial representative who can assist you in designing an extension system that is right for your application.   NOTE: This item also works with Sirius Satellite Radio. Applications include home, commercial and recreational vehicles. This antenna extension kit only works with RG-6 cable.

Product Overview

  • Able to extend any home / commercial antenna to desired length
  • Designed to work with RG-6 satellite grade cable
  • Every 125 feet requires 1 in-line amp
  • XM Radio certified
  • Easy Installation

Technical Specs

  • Model #: EXT-1
  • Manufacturer: Pixel Technologies
  • Dimensions: 
  • Weight:   

Package Includes

  • 1 SMB patch cable
  • 1 SMB to COAX adaptor
  • 1 In-line amp


RG-6 BTF - Enter your desired Cable length and color

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