• Pixel Technologies PRO500 Commercial grade outdoor amplified antenna

    Pixel Technologies

    Pixel PRO500 SiriusXM Radio Amplified Antenna

    The PRO500 is the first commercial grade weather proof XM Satellite Radio antenna with built in low noise filter and high selectivity interference filter. With this antenna the XM Radio signal is captured from the satellites without interference from...

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    Stratus 7 and SXSD2 boombox bundle

    Sirius Stratus 7 Receiver & Boombox Bundle

    This bundle includes everything you need to take SiriusXM Radio with you whereever you go with the SXSD2 portable SiriusXM Radio Boombox. We have bundled the hottest Sirius Radio receiver, the Sirius Stratus 7 with the latest SiriusXM Radio Boombox,...

  • Stratus 7 vehicle car and home kits

    Sirius Stratus 7 Receiver with Car Kit and Home Kit

    This Sirius Stratus 7 package includes the Stratus 7 receiver, vehicle kit and home kit. With this package you will get everything you need to connect the Stratus 7 to any vehicle stereo and to any home stereo system. Simply move the...

  • OnyX EZR SiriusXM Radio motorcycle bundle

    SiriusXM onyX EZR Receiver Motorcycle Installation Kit

    We have bundled the SiriusXM™ onyX EZR receiver with our SiriusXM™ Radio motorcycle installation kit. The EZR receiver features a crystal clear display with easy to use directional button on the front of the receiver and is one of the most...

  • Pixel Technologies SiriusXM Amplified 16-Way Splitter Kit SR-16

    Pixel Technologies

    SiriusXM Satellite Radio 16-Way Amplified Splitter Kit

    This amplified splitter is optimized for use with all satellite radio systems.  It includes the adapters and accessories to permit operation of multiple satellite radios from a single antenna.  In order to maintain the proper RF link...

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    Motorcycle Kit for SiriusXM Satellite Radio OnyX Plus SXPL1V1


    SiriusXM Satellite Radio onyX Plus Motorcycle Bundle

    This receiver qualifies for the $50 mail in rebate. Click here to learn more.   The SXPL1V1 SiriusXM Radio OnyX Plus receiver is the most advanced satellite radio receiver on the market today. With many advanced features such as TuneStart,...

  • SiriusXM onyX Plus SXPL1V1 Motorcycle Receiver Kit


    SiriusXM Satellite Radio onyX Plus Motorcycle Kit CLA

    This receiver qualifies for the $50 mail in rebate. Click here to learn more.   This is a complete XM Radio motorcycle kit including the XM OnyX Plus receiver, vehicle cradle, Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter, auxiliary cable, XM Radio motorcycle...

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    XM Satellite Radio Music Business Package

    Satellite Radio Superstore

    XM Radio Home and Business Music Package

    Looking to get SiriusXM™ Radio music in your home or business? Then we have you covered with this SiriusXM™ Radio home and business music bundle. This bundle includes everything you need to play SiriusXM™ Radio Music through any...

  • TTR2 internet with remote control

    SiriusXM™ Radio

    TTR2 SIRIUS Streaming Internet Radio Receiver

    Coming Soon! The SiriusXM TTR2 is the latest in SiriusXM receivers allowing you to listen to SiriusXM Online from anywhere with an Internet connection. The TTR2 is a small unit with great sound and sleek design. It features 2 way speakers, wireless...

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    OnyX Plus Truck Kit for SiriusXM  CLA Edition

    Satellite Radio Superstore

    SiriusXM OnyX Plus Truck Kit CLA Edition

    The mirror mount truck antenna will ensure you get good reception. The OnyX Plus receiver lets you get the most out of your subscription with access to SiriusXM Xtra Channels, 20+ channels of additional music, sports, entertainment and SiriusXM Latino, a...

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    SiriusXM SXSD2 OnyX Plus OnyX EZ Stratus 7 boombox


    AudioVox SXSD2 SiriusXM Portable Boombox

    The SXSD2 works with both Sirius and XM Radio Receivers to provide the complete listening package. The SXSD2 Portable Sound System features vibrant and dynamic sound with a powerful 30 watt amplifier and 2-way speaker system. It is also equipped with...

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