Antenna Extensions

  • 20-Foot MyRadioStore Antenna Extension

    SiriusXM™ Radio

    20-Foot MyRadioStore Antenna Extension

    For those times when the a 50 foot extension is just too much, this 20' extension cable is compatible with any standard single lead antenna for all Sirius and XM Satellite Radio receivers. Please note that this cable may possibly reduce the signal...

  • XMPRO100 Antenna Extension Kit Cable Adapter Bundle

    Pixel Technologies

    100-Foot Premium Low-Loss XM Extension Cable

    This antenna extension cable is designed to work with standard satellite radio home antennas (purchased separately) to extend the cable length 100 feet. Lengths up to 300 feet can be accommodated by cascading three cable kits. Longer cable runs are...

  • Sirius XM Radio 20' Antenna Extension - Right Angle

    SiriusXM™ Radio

    Sirius XM Radio 20' Antenna Extension - Right Angle

    This antenna extension cable works on all XM Radios. It is un-amplified, but utilizing low loss cable we are able to achieve excellent results. It is an excellent low cost solution for users that do not require the extended length 50' Delphi brand cable...

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