Audio Adapters

  • S a l e

    SiriusXM™ Radio

    Cassette Tape Adapter

    Replacement Cassette Adapter for all XM Satellite Radio receivers. Please note that this is the Cassette Adapter ONLY, and not the complete Car Kit. This part will work with any audio device. Comes with approx 3.5' cord and 1/8" stereo jack.

  • SiriusXM™ Radio

    SureConnect Coupler Kit

    XM has introduced a technology, XM SureConnect, for listening to XM through your FM radio. XM SureConnect is an antenna that provides XM subscribers with the best sound quality possible. Just attach the SureConnect Coupling Clip to your antenna*, attach...

  • S a l e

    SiriusXM™ Radio

    Sirius XM FM Direct Adapter/Modulator

    Eliminates outside static and interference sometimes experienced with a wireless FM connection. Connect your Sirius radio directly to your car radio via the antenna jack. Compatible with all Sirius brand Plug & Play and personal radios. Includes the...

  • S a l e
    SiriusXM AUX Cable

    SiriusXM™ Radio

    6-Foot Stereo 1/8" Stereo to RCA Cable

    Use this 6' cable to connect your audio device from the line-out or headphone jack directly to any line-in, whether its in your vehicle or at home. Cable has a 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo connector that plugs into your car and two RCA plugs for connection to...

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