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XM2GO Home Antenna Cable Adapter Delphi MyFi Pioneer Airware TAO SMB Adapter

0.30 LBS

Product Description

ATTENTION all XM2GO owners: You can now use any standard single lead SMB antenna with your portable receiver! Instead of relying on antenna headphones or the MFANT wearable antenna you can use a standard home or vehicle antenna without a cradle. This adapter cable converts the wearable antenna port on the side of your XM2GO to work with any standard SiriusXM Satellite Radio antenna.


Iinsert the home antenna cable adapters 3.5mm cable into the XM2go receivers headphone jack. This will de-activate the XM2go receivers internal FM transmitter.

Insert the XM Radio home antenna cable into the home antenna cable adapters large input jack.

Insert the home antenna cable adapters smaller cable into your XM2go receivers antenna jack.

Make sure the XM Radio home antenna points south outdoors through a window.


  • Universal Compatability
    Compatible with all XM2GO receivers and works with all Satellite Radio antennas for the car or home.
  • Works With FM transmition
    Your XM2GO will continue to broadcast over FM if you leave the audio plug out.
  • No Need for a Cradle
    This cable removes the need for a car or home cradle. Simply use the battery or plug in power directly to the unit.

Compatible Receivers:

  • Delphi MyFi XM2GO
  • Pioneer Airware XM2GO
  • Giant TAO XM2GO

Package Includes:

  • Home Antenna Cable Adapter

Product Images:

Pioneer Airware XM2GO-ANT-ADPTRDelphi MyFi antenna adapter wearable antenna headphones XM2GO-ANT-ADPTRGiant TAO Satellite Radio SMB Adapter XM2GO-ANT-ADPTRXM2GO-ANT-ADPTR Cable Cord SMB Adapter close-up SXM

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