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  • XMFM1 SiriusXM satellite radio FM modulator transmitter

XM Radio FM Direct Adapter

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Product Description

The XMFM1A optimizes the receiver's internal FM modulator to your vehicle's radio in regions with a high density of FM radio stations and few open FM channels. The adapter connects directly in-line on your vehicle's existing AM/FM antenna input.

The XMFM1A works by plugging in between your XM Satellite Radio antenna and your XM Radio receiver equipped with a built-in FM Modulator. From that, it is able to extract the XM audio signal and then send it on to your vehicle's FM antenna. This adapter requires you to open your vehicle's dash board and access the back of your FM radio for connections to the FM antenna cable. This package also includes a female cigarette lighter socket with a pig-tail for connecting to the electrical system in your vehicle for a clean installation, hidden away, in-dash.

Compatible XM Receivers:

    • Pioneer XMp3 (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Audiovox XMp3i (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Pioneer Inno (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Samsung Helix (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Samsung NeXus25 (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Samsung NeXus50 (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Delphi SKYFi3 (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Delphi Roady XT (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Audiovox Xpress (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Audiovox Xpress EZ (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Audiovox Xpress R (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Audiovox Xpress RCi (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Audiovox onyX (Home/Car Cradle)
    • SiriusXM Lynx (Home/Car Cradle)
    • SiriusXM Edge (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Delphi XpressRC (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Delphi MyFi (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Delphi Roady (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Delphi Roady 2 (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Delphi RoadyXT (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Delphi SkyFi (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Delphi SkyFi 2 (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Delphi SkyFi 3 (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Pioneer AirWare (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Giant TAO XM2GO (Home/Car Cradle)
    • AGT Sportscaster (Home/Car Cradle)
    • Antex XM-100
    • XMPCR
    • Altec Lansing XM3020
    • Altec Lansing XM3120
    • Belkin F5X007

Compatible Sirius Receivers:

  • Stiletto 2 (Home/Car Cradle)
  • Stiletto 100 (Home/Car Cradle)
  • Stiletto 10 (Home/Car Cradle)
  • S-50 (Home/Car Cradle)
  • Sportster 5 (Home/Car Cradle)
  • Sportster 4 (Home/Car Cradle)
  • Streamer 3 / Sportster 3 (Home/Car Cradle)
  • Starmate 8 (Home/Car Cradle)
  • Starmate 5 (Home/Car Cradle)
  • Starmate 4 (Home/Car Cradle)
  • Starmate 3 (Home/Car Cradle)
  • Stratus (Home/Car Cradle)
  • Stratus 4 (Home/Car Cradle)
  • Stratus 5 (Home/Car Cradle)
  • Sirius InV (Home/Car Cradle)
  • Sirius InV2 (Home/Car Cradle)

*This antenna may fit other receivers not listed but are only guaranteed for the above receivers.

For the Audiovox onyX & XM Xpress RCi radios, the Sirius XM FM Direct Adapter (FMDA25) must be used.

Installing the Audiovox Direct Adapter in your vehicle may require the use of an antenna adapter.

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