Sirius Satellite Radio Plug-and-Play Home Kit Dock SUPH1

Sirius Universal Home Kit SUPH1 for Sportster, Stratus, Starmate

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1.40 LBS


The Sirius universal home kit is compatible with all of the newest Sirius plug & play radios that feature the new Sirius universal dock capability. Now you can listen to all of your new Sirius entertainment toys in the comfort of your own home or office. This kit includes everything needed to connect your Sirius Plug-and-Play Satellite Radio receiver to your home stereo system. See compatability tab for compatible models of Satellite Radio.


  • Universal Compatability
    Compatible with all new Sirius universal plug & play radios
  • Works With Existing Stereo System
    Stereo audio output for use on your home audio system or powered speakers
  • Slim Design
    New compact design takes up less space
  • Clean Stylish Design
    Sleek, high gloss finish

Compatible Receivers:

  • Sportster 5
  • Sportster 4
  • Streamer 3
  • Sportster 3
  • Starmate 8
  • Starmate 5
  • Starmate 4
  • Starmate 3
  • Stratus 7
  • Stratus 6
  • Stratus 5
  • Stratus 4
  • Stratus

Package Includes:

  • Home docking cradle
  • Weatherproof indoor/outdoor antenna
  • Audio cables
  • Home power supply

Product Images:

SUP-H1 Home KitSUPH1 Power Supply Cradle RCA CablesSirius Stratus 4 Starmate 8 Home Kit


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