4-Inch Dual Swivel Screw Mount

4-Inch Dual Swivel Screw Mount

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The 4-Inch Dual Swivel Screw Mount provides users with the ultimate in mount adjustability. The mounts dual swivel ball joints allow you to place your radio at any angle or position required. Your radio is held in place by tightening the single knob metal adjusting bolt. This heavy-duty tightening bolt will securely hold your radio in place in even the most bumpy conditions. It also allows you to easily adjust your radios position with the twist of a knob. Included are four bolts to attach your radio to the mount and four screws for attaching it to your vehicle.


  • Mount height: 4 in.
  • Base dimensions: 2 in. (w) x 1.7 in (d)

This mount is compatible with any Sirius dock or receiver that mounts using the AMPS four bolt pattern. For use with an XM dock or receiver, a flush mount adapter is required.

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