XMPRO100 Antenna Extension Kit Cable Adapter Bundle

100-Foot Premium Low-Loss XM Extension Cable

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4.00 LBS


This antenna extension cable is designed to work with standard satellite radio home antennas (purchased separately) to extend the cable length 100 feet. Lengths up to 300 feet can be accommodated by cascading three cable kits. Longer cable runs are possible using a PS-1 Power Inserter. Designed for home and/or commercial use.


  • SiriusXM Radio Wherever You Want
    Extend your SiriusXM Satellite Radio antenna up to 100ft allowing you to place it virtually anywhere
  • Works With All Standard Antennas
    Included are the cables to connect with any standard Sirius or XM Satellite Radio Antenna via the universal SMB connection
  • In-Line Amp
    To ensure no signal loss over longer line runs this kit come with a commercial grade in-line amplifier
  • Standard Fittings
    This kit uses standard F connector and SMB fittings allowing you replace or extend the line-run as necessary in the future

Package Includes:

  • 100 foot RG-6 cable
  • In-line cable amplifier
  • COAX-SEAL connector weather-proofing packs
  • (2) F-male to F-male barrel connectors
  • 3 foot long F to SMB adapter cable (to connect to back of home cradle/receiver)




  • SBA-1     - Additional amplifiers if you order extra cable
  • PRO-500 - Commercial Grade Amplified Antenna
  • PRO-600 - Professional Grade Amplified Antenna










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